Solid Bamboo flooring

Solid Bamboo flooring:
Colour: Natural, Carbonized, Zebra and Stained

Structure: Horizontal,Cross-horizontal or Vertical

Pre-finished coating:
7 coats of non-toxic acrylic polyurethance UV cured Aluminum Oxide finished

Gloss: Matte,Semi-gloss or High-gloss

Unfinished bamboo flooring is available
Density: 720kgs/m3
Hardness: 719kg/cm2
Formaldehyde: =<0.20mg/L (Class E1 EN14342)
Reaction to fire: Class E 1
Content of penta chlorophenol: < 0.05ppm
Breaking strength: Point load F max: 3308N
Slipperiness: Dry. 70
Moisture content: 8 -10%
Impact resistance: 97.1KJ/m2

Thickness: 10mm(3/8"), 12mm(1/2"), 15mm(5/8"), 18mm(3/4")
Width: 92mm(3 5/8"), 96mm(3 4/5"), 140mm(5 1/2"), 154mm (6 1/5”)
Length: 920mm(36"), 960mm(37 4/5"), 1850mm(72 5/9")