SW Stained flooring

is a new style by making with international lead nation pioneer no-glue activation agglutinate technology. We pressed the bamboo strips into a big log by special technic – recombining and high pressure, then making it into several veneers with different width and length that customers wanted.
The bamboo fibre’s rigidity exceeds 110 Mpa, bent intensity reaches 180 Mpa, sopping up ply dilating rate is 0.4% ( European Standard is eligibility < 20%). and it is no distortion, no bend, good stability and all capability over top – grade rigidity rosewood.
Compared with the traditional bamboo flooring, it possesses not only higher density and rigidity but also lower free formaldehyde releasing. The entire technology index has achieved or exceed – the most rigor E1 standard of the European Quality and Environment Protection. It is harder and more durable than any traditional bamboo flooring.
Simultaneity, it is holding bamboo’s inhere grain and colour and luster,
Truly. reaching ”Replacing wood with bamboo”, it is harder and more durable than any traditional bamboo floor.
Colour: Natural, Carbonized or Zebra, Kinds of color
Pre-finished coating:
7 coats of non-toxic acrylic polyurethance UV cured Aluminum Oxide finished
Gloss: Matte,Semi-gloss or High-gloss
Unfinished strand woven bamboo floor is available
Density: 1,100kgs/m3
Hardness: 1,088kg/cm2
Formaldehyde: =<0.20mg/L (Class E1 EN14342)
Reaction to fire: Class E 1
Content of penta chlorophenol:
< 0.05ppm
Breaking strength: Point load F max: 3308N
Slipperiness: Dry. 70
Moisture content: 8 -10%
Impact resistance: 97.1KJ/m2
: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm.
Width:  96mm, 135mm, 142mm.
Length: 920mm, 960mm, 1850mm.