Bamboo has been used for more than 4,000 years in China. There are more than 1,200 species of bamboo in the world, but the strength, color, feature and tensile are varies greatly. Only the Mao bamboo has the best quality in all kinds. Its fine grain and durability are particularly suitable for the production of bamboo flooring, bamboo paneling and decoration as in moldings. Traditionally, bamboo was only used for daily accessories, such as chopsticks, cups, chairs, etc. During the 1990s, bamboo industry developed greatly, due to economic growth in China, deforestation became an important issue. Bamboo began to attract the attention from the government and public. Bamboo began as a kind of building materials in southern China, where has rich soil and plentiful precipitation allowed for a friendly tropical environment in which is fit to grow bamboo. As bamboo is actually a species of grass, it renews itself very quickly. It provides a sole means of making a living to many bamboo farmers in the poor mountainous regions in the south of China. The bamboo industry is also supported and encouraged by the local government.

Bamboo feature:
Environmentally and Friendly
Durability and Stability
Elegant, Natural and Beautiful
Bamboo is a kind of resource that has been used for centuries